About Me...


    My name is Irina and I welcome you to my personal website. Thank you for stopping by... 

    In the the digital era we live in, the virtual communication is as equally important as the in person communication. People around me have always been interested in what story I have to tell and what new project I am involved in. 

  Therefore, I feel I need to share my thoughts about life, creativity, artistry, experiences, my photography projects and travels.

    I write, I photograph, I mentor, I blog, I cook, I create, I inspire...

In Few Words...

   Welcome to My World!  Stay if you are interested, look around my blog and my photography and come back for more soon!

Get in touch with me if you would like to chat,invite me into your own world, propose an idea or a project we can work together on.. .or if you simple would like to meet up for coffee and just talk about life...or art...

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If you would like to get in touch with me, feel free to email me!

Fun Facts about me...

Fun Fact #1

I love to drink Coffee. I prefer Latte over Cappuccino.  

Fun Fact #2

I prefer to use a Paper Yearly Planner, not digital. I don't have reminders on my phone and I still write ideas and appointments on paper.

Fun Fact #3

My Favorite Places are My Grandma's House and the Dominican Republic

Fun Fact #4

My Favorite Two Books are:

The Journey of Souls - Michael Newton

The Monk who Sold His Ferrari - Robin Sharma

Fun Fact #5

I love the month of October.

Favorite Season is Fall

I am a Libra (based on the zodiac)

Fun Fact #6

I love...my family, my friends,myself, my job, my projects, my life, my experiences...I believe love is everything...